Thank You (testimonial)

Just wanted to drop you a quick note again thanking you for attending my daughter’s delivery.  C*** is up and around, healthy.  Little A*** (just can’t do A***** yet, maybe later…) is nursing well, sleeping well, peeing well– all the marks of a wonderfully brilliant baby and for that we are so grateful.
Displaced by you!???   I cannot tell you the immediate panic I felt when I entered C***’s room and only the sister and a nurse were there (you had gone downstairs to get a drink—why I didn’t think to offer to bring you food is so beyond me now!)  The nurse was starting the epidural push– then the doctor came in with the same push for epidural — then the sister chimed in with “nothing wrong with that” spiel.  You bounced into the room and it was like finally sanity had returned!!  In lieu of getting my own epidural, I was contemplating going out and getting my own gunpowder and starting my own fires right there in the room!!  I was not really sure what a doula did before C*** entered the hospital– it was clear to me at that moment certainly that you were critical to the smooth delivery of my grandson and I thank you again for that.
I have recounted my princess warrior’s determination and success in naturally delivering after almost 33 hours and have included in each telling the incredible abilities of her “mommy whisperer”.  There is not a woman I have spoken (unfortunately most moving through menopause as we speak) to that hasn’t expressed the wish that you had been there for them as well.  If it had just been dad, sister, me and the other grandmother, I can only guess at the mess that would have made.  So, again, I thank you for all that you have done for C*** and A***.

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